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Exhausted trying to make your site look fabulous alone?

Struggling to translate what you see in your head onto the page?

Not really promoting your site because it’s just not quite right yet?

Unsure how to really optimise for impact?

Then this package is for you.


You don’t have to go it alone on your website journey.



Website in a Week is a stylish and efficient solution to your website problems.

You have a lot to offer. But no-one can quite it see at the moment.

Your ‘no site’ or ‘ok’ site just isn’t cutting it to get your noticed. Plus, you want to spend your time where it counts! Signing clients, selling your products, growing your audience base and creating great content. You’d love a site that’s professionally designed, totally optimised for your current business needs, eye catching and working whilst you sleep to convert browsers into sign ups. That’s exactly what Website in a Week provides.


Tired of investing time DIY’ing or trying to figure out site and design problems on your own?



You just want to be able to concentrate on your zone of genius and build your business. I get it.

That’s where I come in.

As a visual branding and Squarespace design expert, I can take the weight off your shoulders, eliminate your website stress and make things happen behind the scenes while you spend your time where it counts.

Let me take away your website worries and furnish you with a fabulous online presence that you’ll want to share all over the interweb!


Be proud to share your online home.



Once you sign up for the package I’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire and collect your inspiration on a Pinterest board.

Then we’ll hop on an in-depth call to chat about branding, your ideal audience, business priorities and more.

Once I’m clear on what you need and want I’ll reserve a whole week, Monday-Friday to spend just on you. I’ll create the elements you need, get your feedback, create your site, get more feedback, make tweaks and changes, get even more feedback and by the end of the week…Squazam! You’re ready to launch!


No stress, no strain, just creativity, strategy and a kick-ass site.



When you sign up for website in a week you receive my undivided attention for a week of creation & collaboration.

You’ll be taken through my detailed and effective design process to ensure we’re making the most intelligent and creative choices for your business. The end product is a beautiful, optimised website focused on maximising your business goals that you can’t wait to share!


I only take on 1-2 Website in a Week clients per month so reserve your spot now to get started as soon as possible.



Absolutely! I can even create a website in a day but we work together for a week so I can flex my graphic design skills and create extra special elements just for you which can be used across your branding. You’ll receive everything you need for your website branding including a colour palette, typography logo, custom icons, favicon, effective page layouts, striking design, intelligent customer journey, optimisation on every page and so much more. I focus on making sure your website is the best it can possibly be so you can achieve your business goals and dreams.


No more waiting to start. You’re just a week away from website wonder.



You don’t have to do it all yourself and you don’t have to learn ‘all the things’ to be an online entrepreneur. You don’t have to try to figure out banding and design whilst also running your business and being an expert in your field. Give yourself permission to take the pressure of, delegate and move your business forwards confidently so you can focus on getting your important work done.


Your business dream + my design skills = an irresistible online presence


I can only take on 1-2 clients per month for this package. Let’s chat so I can hear all about your online goals and to make sure we’re a great match.

Website in a Week is just £1,000, payable in instalments.

Ready to get going?

Book in your free consultation call now!




+ Who is Website in a Week for?

Entrepreneurs and small business who are either ready to get their online presence going or already have a client base and website but want to overhaul their image and create an online home they can't wait to promote.

+ Who is Website in a Week not for?

Entrepreneurs who don't yet know who their audience might be, who are looking for a site with incredibly complex bells and whistles, who need custom illustration work/ hand drawn elements and who don’t have time to provide for daily feedback for the week of the site build.

+ What's included?

Where needed the following are included: CSS styling inlcuding custom fonts, custom forms, colour palette, pin it button, custom icons, favicon, general graphic design, typography logo design, layered parallax scrolling, calendar and email marketing integration, landing page and promotional pop up design.

Please note, for CSS requirements you need to have a Squarespace Business Plan subscription or higher. The business plan is one level up from the lowest priced Personal plan.

+ What's not included?

Custom illustration/ hand drawn elements, html or java script coding.

+ Can I add E-commerce?

E-commerce pages are available at an extra cost. Please book in a free consultation to discuss your needs.

Please note, for E-commerce requirements you need to have a Squarespace Business Plan subscription or higher. The business plan is one level up from the lowest priced Personal plan.

+ How does payment work?

After we've had our intial free call and determined we'd be a great team, I send across an invoice so you can pay a deposit of 35% to reserve your dates with me. This deposit is non-refundable. I then require a further 35% before your start date and the remaining 30% on completion.

+ Do you work on my live site?

There are two options for your new site.

1) If you require a brand new site I will build it on my account and then transfer ownership to you on receipt of the final payment.

2) If you want me to work on an existing Squarespace site that is not yet live or that is hidden via a cover page, you will need to make me the temporary owner. Once I have received the final payment, I will transfer your site back to you and you can remove my administrative rights.

I always operate with integrity and honesty when it comes to ownership and administrative rights.



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